Woosun ENC’s Mission
  • We satisfy the needs of our customers at the highest level with the greatest level of service.
  • We enhance our competitiveness while adhering to principles and values.
  • We strive to improve cutting-edge technology capable of ensuring our survival and prosperity in a rapidly changing world.
  • We take every possible measure to ensure safe working environment, keenly aware of the sanctity of human life.
  • We respect the dignity of every member of Woosun to the fullest extent.
  • We create a favorable environment in which every member of Woosun can realize their full potential.
  • We do our bit for society by carrying out corporate social responsibility.
Woosun ENC’s Core Values
  • Quality. We aspire to the highest quality that surpasses customers’ expectations.
  • Perfection. We perform every task perfectly with a sense of vocation.
  • Innovation. We each continue to innovate our performing methods and procedures in our areas of expertise.
  • Creativity. We seek creative solutions to cope with rapidly changing environments
  • Ethics. We conduct all duties with a keen sense of ethics.
  • The right way. We always treat our customers with the utmost sincerity while pursuing the right way.
  • Optimism. We continue to produce excellent results with optimistic attitudes.
  • Harmony over uniformity. We value cooperation and harmony while agreeing to disagree.